Habitat Restore showcases DIY craft work in competition to raise funds

Habitat Restore showcases DIY craft work in competition to raise funds

VICTORIA, Texas – The Habitat Restore gathered a group of local DIY-ers ready to showcase their handy work in a competition to raise money for the Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity.

“You can go online and bid on these amazing items,” said Cynthia Staley, Executive Director of Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity. “That piano desk is incredible and we have this huge wall mirror, probably 6 feet tall and the artist just did an amazing job on the frame.”

Her time spent as a single mother raising her children showed her the power of family time together at the kitchen table, said Staley. She strives to provide families with access to affordable furniture and housing through her work for the non-profit organization.

“That was the stability for my family and I recognized that the homes that we build are making the same difference across the board,” Staley said. “It doesn’t matter what your income is, your home is your family stability.”

Before the pandemic, Staley says she was part of a group focusing on figuring out how to make living in Victoria more affordable for low-income families, that work has paused for now, but Staley says they will start meeting again soon.

The virtual event lasted an hour but bidding started on July 20th, volunteer Robyn Cox won the most votes for her revamp craft work. Cox created Seaside Serenity using a blank door, epoxy resin, glitter and various mixed media.