H-E-B prepares for incoming cold weather

H-E-B on Navarro is preparing their store for the upcoming cold weather to make sure their customer’s have the supplies they need.

Management says they have begun ordering their supplies in advanced to prevent any delays in shipment due to icy road conditions. The super market will prioritize supplies their customers purchase most during emergencies, including baby formula, produce and meat products.

Store leader Tanya Hardwick says preparation is key when assisting customers.

“Most of our customers are pretty used to the crazy South Texas weather. So, we don’t see a lot of panic buying so much with the freeze. That usually comes more with hurricanes and that type of thing. But, just, you know, extra customer service and making sure we’re prepared so that there’s not a lot of confusion for our customers when they come to shop with us.”

H-E-B’s corporate office will continue to monitor for any severe weather events and will work with local stores to ensure supplies arrive safely and on time.