H-E-B launches care package campaign for U.S. military

H-E-B launches care package campaign for U.S. active duty armed forces

VICTORIA,Texas–H-E-B  is celebrating the entire month of July by honoring the service men and women and their families, who are doing so much to support our country.

H-E-B  is launching their care package campaign starting July 4 through 24. H-EB Public Affairs, Johnny Mojica says anyone may nominate a friend or a family member who is currently serving anywhere across the world.

“It’s just so special to us because we have many families who either can’t send care packages to their service members or there’s service members out there currently across the world who don’t receive items so it’s extremely humbling that as a company we get the opportunity to do this,” said Mojica.

These care packages will include a taste of home with H-E-B owned brand products, from coffee to green sauce, beef jerky and otter essential items that many service personnel don’t have access to. H-E-B  currently sends care packages to H-E-B partners and their employees who are active duty members.

“A lot of our customers were saying, hey I want to send a care package to my son or my daughter, and so that was part of why we launched this campaign to allow our customers to opt in and nominate their fellow friends and family members. And so it really came from the voice of our customers and we just made it happen and we’re excited to launch it again this year,” continued Mojica.

H-E-B  is expecting to send over 500 care packages, but they will be prepared to send up to a 1,000 care packages if needed towards the end of July.