Gulf Coast counties experience severe Hurricane Harvey damage

DeWitt County:

According to DeWitt County Office of Emergency Management, power is almost completely restored in DeWitt. There are less than 500 people without power.

Highway 87 North is open. Highway 72 heading West of Cuero is flooded and closed. Some houses in Cuero have taken in water. DeWitt County is not under water boil notice.

More than 300 people are taking shelter at Cuero Intermediate School.

Port Lavaca Update from Police Chief Rangnow: Electricity is still out. I contacted a lineman today. The main problem we have is the restoration of the supply lines. Water is at full capacity. Still under a boil notice and the water will have a strong odor of chlorine. Sewer is off line. Signal lights still out but TXDOT is still working on the lights. Gas is not available. The PD has opened the front lobby. We are offering free coffee and a place to charge cell phones. We are also distributing water to those who are not mobile.
We have increased patrols at night and are urging people to remain inside at night. If you see something suspicious please report it immediately. Call 911, but only for EMERGENCIES. Do not call 911 to ask for information.

Chief Rangnow

Victoria Electric Coop Port Lavaca Electric Service Update:

We understand there has been some confusion regarding our response to Calhoun County. We have had lineman in the area assessing the damage, however, we did not have power at the Calhoun substation and were unable to begin restoration until power had been restored. Victoria Electric Cooperative does not own this substation. As of this afternoon power has been restored to this substation and the restoration process has begun. We will keep you updated of our progress.

Our priority is to restore power quickly and now that we have assessed the vast amount of damage that our system has received we have called in additional crews and service lineman to assist in our restoration efforts. We have a total of 217 linemen working 16 hour days and an internal support staff of 52 working around the clock to get all of our members power back on.

Hurricane Harvey brought great destruction to the VEC territory but we will continue to progress, rebuild and restore so that we may continue to provide safe, reliable, affordable electricity to our members.

For updates please visit, on Facebook or call our outage hotline at 361-582-5555.


Rockport sustained severe damage due to Hurricane Harvey. Nearly every building and structure in Rockport is damaged. A resident says the whole town is gone.

Rockport High School was leveled Friday evening as Harvey made landfall.

There has been one death confirmed in Rockport at this time. The mayor of Rockport is calling it a “widespread devastation” as Hurricane Harvey lumbered on in as what is “now turning into a deadly inland event.”

HEB Rockport says they are distributing ice, water and bread if you’re in need. Houston, 86K bottles of water are en route to the Convention Center!

Aransas Pass Police Department Phone Lines Update:

City phone lines have been restored. Our 911 system is down locally and routes to Portland PD. Be sure you announce your location when calling 911.

Remember, City offices outside the Police Department remain closed.

Aransas Pass Police Department Storm Debris Removal Update:

We are starting our storm debris removal process. Workers are out removing debris that is in the public right-of-ways today. When those right-of-ways have been cleared, we are asking residents to place their debris in the right-of-way. PLEASE SEPARATE YOUR DEBRIS AS INSTRUCTED IN THE ATTACHED PICTURE. Your debris must be separated and must be placed in the public right-of-way to be picked up. We will not be picking up debris on private property. If you are bagging your debris, use CLEAR garbage bags so that the workers can identify the type of debris. The debris will be removed by category, which means that one type of debris may be picked up one day and another type of debris removed the next.

Aransas Pass Police Department Update 8/29/17:

Right now, our main priority is the protection of life and property and to restore local basic life functioning services (electricity, water, food, fuel, etc.)

Primary Search and Rescue operations are nearly complete. We had no fatalities.

The city has sustained major damage and all infrastructure is either damaged or not functioning due to power outage. Additionally, City’s water systems were severely damaged to include the loss of our only water tower.

Power crews are working to remove downed powerlines and begin the process of restoring power, our top priority. It is estimated it will be weeks before power is restored to all parts of the community. Our water system is dependent on having electricity. Our sewer system is at capacity. We have generators on order to aid in the restoration of sewer and water.


Any water that may be trickling out needs to be boiled. The City remains under a water boil until further notice. Our sewer system is at capacity. DO NOT USE DRAINS/TOLIETS OR OPEN CLEAN OUTS. There is no place for it to go and it will most likely come back up.

Residents that are using portable generators are asked to do so with precaution. The primary hazards when using a generator are carbon monoxide poisoning from the toxic engine exhaust, electric shock or electrocution, and fire.

The Dollar General (709 S. Commercial) remains our primary distribution point to residents. We also have a distribution point at Allen Samuels (877 TX- 35, Aransas Pass, TX) Keep an eye on these locations for items available to residents as they become available. We are posting these independently on our feed.

Though the City is not restricting access to residents, we ask that resident not remain within the city. A curfew is in effect from 7am-7pm. While here, we ask that you follow our debris removal guideline while cleaning your property:


At this time, we ask that you try to stay with a friend or family member in another area. We do not have a shelter in the City. The nearest shelter location is Tuloso Midway High School: 2653 McKenzie RD, Corpus Christi, TX.


All volunteers and donations need to coordinate through Rosemary Vega at the EOC. Please plan to provide name, contact info, staging area, and what services you are willing to provide.

Volunteer efforts are online, as well. You can reach Rosemary with your requests and offers at…/.

Calhoun County Texas Emergency Management Update:

Calhoun County landfill/recycle center is open. Wood and metal will be free to bring. You can bring household garbage and food from freezers and refrigerators but there will be the normal charge for those items.

HEB is now open from 8-5. They can accept debit cards processed as credit cards. They do accept Lonestar cards, checks, and cash. The Pharmacy cannot fill new prescriptions, but if you had a prescription that was filled by the HEB Pharmacy and was ready to be picked up before the storm, you can pick it up now. They are giving out water for free, limit of 2 units of water per person. There is still no ice or gas available.

The City of Port Lavaca crews have begun picking up BRUSH only at this time. Please separate brush from any other debris and place near the curb in front of your property. To clarify, ONLY BRUSH is being picked up at this time. Keep any other debris like shingles and plywood, etc. separated from the brush or the crews will not be able to pick your brush up. Please share this and invite others to LIKE our page to keep up with the latest information.

There is water, ice and MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) available at the Calhoun High School parking lot while supplies last.