Guadalupe river flooding extends near Riverside Park golf course

Be careful driving on slippery roads

VICTORIA, Texas – On Friday, Oct. 15, there was flooding near the Riverside Golf course. Some of it did dry up overnight, but the grass near this area was still really muddy. While it was sprinkling during midday, the sun still came out in the afternoon.

Watch out for mosquitos and bugs in the coming days

Rising river levels means mosquitoes and bugs, therefore all residents living here will have deal with these bugs in the coming days. Drivers should take the road with precaution and drive slow because some roads might still be slippery.

Be careful driving on slippery roads

Also, watch out for flooded waters infested with sewage, dead animals, and other dangerous objects floating in these waters when driving to prevent any kind of car crash. When in flooded areas, turn around, don’t drown.