Graveside services paused for some cemeteries after flooding

High volumes of rain have forced some cemeteries to pause graveside services

VICTORIA, Texas – If you live this close to the coast you’ve probably dealt with flooding at some point. Whether that be a closed road or even damage to your home…but there’s one result of flooding that is sometimes overlooked, and that is how do cemeteries deal with flooding?

There have been instances of graveside burials being paused due to all the rain affecting the cemetery grounds.

Charles Hauboldt III, owner of grace funeral home here in Victoria said graveside services sometimes are affected by high amounts of rain, with soil type and elevation also factoring into whether or not a grave can be dug.

“With all the rain we’ve had over the last two and a half, three weeks, it’s not just the surface moisture, it’s the sub moisture. Once we get into doing what we need to do to actually have a burial”, said Hauboldt. Hauboldt also said that our proximity to the coast can affect the water table which in turn can result in water buildup in cemeteries.

He said that in the past this hasn’t been that frequent of an issue, sometimes even going years without having to put graveside services on hold, but with the higher volume of rain we’ve seen, it’s been more of an issue this year.