Grant allows county to offer AIDS Housing assistance

“If you’re hungry what are you thinking about? You’re thinking you need some food. You’re not thinking about going to the doctor or taking your medications. You’re thinking about today. You’re thinking about right now,” HARP program manager, Alphonso Scallion said.

HARP program manager Alphonso Scallion describes how basic survival can outweigh health concerns. The health department received a grant at Monday’s commissioners meeting to help assist people with AIDS find housing.

“HOPWA stands for housing opportunities for people living with aids and its just one of the ways to assist people to find housing”

The grant helps clients with partial rent payments. The requirements for the program is the person must have HIV and be of low income. The department says they want to help clients meet their basic needs so they can focus on staying healthy

“If you don’t have your basic needs met you’re not thinking about what we think is important as in making it to work on time or keeping a job. You’re thinking about ‘We’ll I don’t have anywhere to live so that’s my main concern.’ So we want to make sure that we alleviate that burden from our clients,” Scallion said.

The health department not only wants to help their clients with HIV but they also want to empower them

“It can be a fearful time for individuals who who don’t know what to do who don’t know where to go so were hear to partner with those individuals and empower them and make sure their needs are met and how they can move forward into being productive citizens in our community.”