Graduation for VISD is still on as planned

VISD is asking for ideas of how to celebrate the seniors graduating this year

VICTORIA, Texas – Graduation is a time for celebration where families and students are closing one chapter of their life before beginning a new one. For this years graduating students, things might look different compared to the traditional graduation ceremony due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

May is when most schools close for the summer break and for the seniors they get to have leis, balloons and flowers in celebration of a milestone in their life.  For many families it is a moment that they have been looking forward to. However, since schools are suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where does that leave the students who would be walking on the stage with their families watching?

The VISD communications director Shawna Currie talked about the steps they plan on taking and what that means for them.

The superintendent and leaders have reached out to the seniors to get ideas of how they would want to celebrate. After all, it is their achievement to celebrate.

At this point, graduation is still on, however, as May approaches closer, that might change. The VISD is looking into different scenarios in case a change is needed to be made.

We certainly want to make sure that somehow someway we are able to honor them and celebrate this time in their lives. We were looking at different ideas and how that might look and how that might play out. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks, well get a picture of which direction we’ll have to go, said Currie.

The VISD is looking forward to a traditional graduation for their students. They are open to new ideas if things keep them from doing so.