Graduate headed to college out-of-state surprised with drive-thru celebration

Graduate headed to college out-of-state surprised with drive-thru celebration

VICTORIA, Texas – A St. Joseph High school senior was surprised when he came back home tonight from dinner, his friends and family prepared a special celebration. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Jordan Bernal’s family had to change their initial graduation celebration plans and adapted with a drive-thru parade.

“I was actually really happy to see it, it was really fun to see this many people, kind of warmed my heart before I leave because I’m actually going to Michigan for college, so I’ll be pretty far but to know people are backing me up and stuff, it feels really good,” said the St. Joseph High School senior, headed to Michigan for college in a few weeks.

Bernal’s mother, Rebecca Zamora, said it was hard not getting emotional seeing the turn out.  Officers from the Victoria Police Department escorted the caravan and the Victoria Fire Department also took part, along with Victoria’ favorite master of ceremonies, Gary Moses. 

“It was really hard not getting emotional when I was just driving up to Memorial and I seen everybody in the parking lot decorating their cars and full of excitement and were just like, ready to go, it just really touched my heart to know that some many people were going to be here and to support him and let him know, like hey no graduation ceremony, it’s going because we’re still going to make it work,” Zamora said.

Although Bernal may not get to take part in a traditional graduation ceremony, he was overwhelmed with gratitude for the unexpected surprise.

Zamora said her son was emotional and upset when the pandemic threw a wrench in his graduation party plans.

“Honestly, to be honest with you, I would probably take this over graduation, it was really fun talking to people you know and sometimes graduation can be long, sitting down but you know, graduation would still be nice but this was a great way to celebrate,” Bernal said.