Grace Transition Education Service helps a young man learn skills that could launch his career

VICTORIA, Texas- Mychal Hamilton, Jr. is 17 years old who earned an intern here at Newscenter 25, through the Grace Transition Education Service. The program helps individuals like him who have disabilities to earn money and enter the workforce.

“I have autism which makes me forget stuff and I also have Asperger’s which makes me not be able to focus on certain tasks at hand. Also, my heart is backward so I have a little problem with that too,” said Mychal Hamilton, Jr., a senior at West High School.

Hamilton says he’s been working through the program for two years. His mother wanted him to learn on the job skills and how to make money. The program also provides Hamilton with a job skills trainer.

“I try to keep the focus on the task at hand and when he gets off focus I just kind of remind him and kind of bring him back to where we’re supposed to be at and let him know the etiquette of working”, Jennifer Garza, Grace Transition Education Service, Job Skills Trainer.

Lisa Rodriguez is the Owner of the Grace Transition Education Service and she explains how to apply.

“They can go onto the grace website. It’s GRACE-TES.COM,” said Lisa Rodriguez, the Owner of Grace Transitional Educational Service.

Hamilton would like to express why young adults should join the program.

“I encourage you to join Grace, it will help you gain experience in the work industry. It’ll pay you to do it and it’s just fun,” said Hamilton, Jr.

Grace Educational Transitional Service Program is held here in the Crossroads, to learn more click here.