Grace Temple Church suffers structural damage

Monday's storm causes half of the north side wall to fall down

GOLIAD, Texas – The Grace Temple Church suffers structural damage during Monday’s storm.

A large part of the north side wall of the church was blown off, pieces of brick were scattered throughout the ground.

Pastor Clem Garcia, was notified by nearby residents that a part of the church wall had fell Monday evening.

Pastor Garcia was in disbelief when he arrived to find that half of his church wall was on the ground.

” We were startled to see what we found, but we’re gonna be alright… obviously some pretty powerful pressure in order to bring this wall down…..not only could it have been dangerous also traumatizing for children, so we’re glad nobody was here and the building was vacant at the time, we’re just grateful nobody was injured, nobody was hurt,” says Pastor Garcia.

The church is currently in the middle of a building project across the street and will now add the damaged wall to the project.

Pastor Garcia says that the next steps are to have a professional come and access the damage before going on with repairs.

The Goliad community has reached out in support of the church repairs, if you wish to contribute, please click here.