Governor Greg Abbott talks about Hurricane Hanna recovery process

VICTORIA, Texas– Governor Greg Abbott traveled to Corpus Christi to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Hanna over the weekend.

Hurricane Hanna made landfall in some of the areas hardest hit by COVID-19. Governor Abbott held a press conference to talk about the recovery process.

“During a time of having a hurricane while and also in the midst of an infectious disease pandemic people are gathering in shelters are a particular compromise situation. So it’s good that no one is in a shelter because that means that’s one location less where the transmission of COVID-19 could take place,” said Governor Greg Abbott.

Governor Abbott expressed how important it is to clean up as soon as possible.

“In the aftermath of a hurricane, one of the most important things that are to be done rapidly is the debris removal process. We talked about ways in which we can accelerate that to make sure that is going to begin to be done as quickly as possible,” said Abbott.

Homeowners and business owners who faced damage due to Hurricane Hanna are encouraged to fill out a damage survey which clears the way for more resources.

“It was so incredibly important that everybody responds to this hurricane in a way that minimizes both the loss of lives and the potential illness that could have occurred because of the spread of COVID-19,” said Abbott.

There were no lives lost during the hurricane. Governor Abbott says Hurricane Hanna did not wash away COVID-19 and everyone should still take proper precautions to avoid the virus.