Governor Greg Abbott Re-elected

Celebrates third term with victory over O'Rourke

Abbott O Rourke

MCALLEN –  Governor Greg Abbott celebrated the victory of his third term surrounded by friends and family in McAllen Texas tonight.

Regarding his victory Abbott says, “We started this campaign in South Texas. We celebrated our primary victory in South Texas. Tonight, we return to South Texas to celebrate re-election for four more years of conservative governance.” He stated his campaign “planted our flag in South Texas to show the entire country that South Texas is turning Republican”

Abbott says he ran the campaign for Texans who want safer streets, homeowners burdened by high property taxes and oil field workers. He also wants to make the border safer for residents who have pleaded for more security.

Abbott says that Texas must, “fully fund our law enforcement agencies and show them the respect and support they deserve.”  In addition he wants to get deadly drugs like fentanyl off of streets while keeping criminals off of streets.

He closed by saying, “Together we will keep Texas the greatest state in the greatest country in the history of the world.”