Governor Abbott speaks at DPS commencement ceremony

Largest graduating class is DPS history
Governor Abbott speaks at DPS commencement ceremony

Governor Abbott speaks at DPS commencement ceremony Contributed photo by the Office of the Texas Governor.

AUSTIN, Texas – On Friday, July 30, Governor Greg Abbott delivered the keynote address to the largest graduating class in the history of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). During his address, the Governor congratulated the graduating members of the DPS A-2021 class. He also thanked them for their service to the Lone Star State.

“Texas is exceptional because of the people who call our state home, and it is your fellow Texans that you have sworn to protect and serve as you join the most elite state law enforcement agency in the nation,” said Governor Abbott. “On behalf of the Lone Star State, we are so grateful for your sacrifice and commitment to serving your communities. You will face challenges along the way, but never forget that what you do matters. It matters to the over 29 million Texans who depend on you every single day to keep our communities safe. And I have no doubt that after today, our state will be made safer by the brave men and women in this room.”

There were 145 new Texas State Troopers in the graduating class. Forty of them were U.S. military veterans, and 22 had prior law enforcement experience. This graduating class had the most women as DPS recruits in state history.