Governor Abbott announces $10 million in Spaceport Trust Fund grants

Here are the details

AUSTIN, Texas – On Thursday, Jan. 13, Governor Greg Abbott announced Spaceport Trust Fund grant awards of $5,000,000 to the Cameron County Spaceport Development Corporation. He also announced $5,000,000 to the Houston Spaceport Development Corporation. The Governor’s Office of Economic Develop and Tourism administered the Spaceport Trust Fund. The fund is a financial tool to support the development of infrastructure necessary for establishing a spaceport in Texas. The 87th Legislature appropriated $10,000,000 in funds for the fiscal year 2022. These funds will provide grants, disbursed on a cost-reimbursement basis, to help support the creation of quality jobs. It will also attract continuing investments that will strengthen the economic future of the state.

“For decades, Texas has been a trailblazer in space technology and we are proud to help cultivate more innovation and development in this growing industry in Cameron and Harris County,” said Governor Abbott. “This investment in the Cameron County and Houston Spaceport Development Corporations will create even more economic opportunities for Texans across the state and continue our legacy as a leader in space technology.”

Spaceport Trust Fund is awarded through an application process and disbursed on a cost-reimbursement basis. The grants are available to any spaceport development corporation, which has secured a viable business entity if that entity is able to launch and land a reusable launch vehicle or spacecraft. They are also available to those spaceports that intend to locate their facilities at the development corporation’s planned spaceport in the state. A reusable launch vehicle means a vehicle intended for repeated use. The vehicle is either built to operate in or place a payload into space or is a suborbital rocket.

You can find more on the Spaceport Trust Fund here.