Governor Abbot provides update on winter weather response

He directs Texans to for a list of state resourses

AUSTIN, Texas – On Friday, Governor Greg Abbott held a press conference to provide an update on the State of Texas’ ongoing response to severe winter weather conditions. He noted that the Texas power grid continues to stay reliable and fully functioning, even at peak demand. Abbott also directed Texans to visit for a list of winter weather resources from state agency partners. He added that over two dozen state agencies are continuing to work around the clock to respond to the storm.

Governor Abbott released the following statement

“The Texas power grid is more reliable and resilient than it has ever been, and we are continuing to actively respond to the impact of this winter storm,” said Governor Abbott. “Over two dozen of our state agency partners are working collaboratively to ensure that Texans continue to have the resources they need to stay safe. I encourage Texans to visit TDEM.TEXAS.GOV for a full list of resources available to them including warming shelters, information on local power providers, updates on road closures, and more. Most of our communities will continue to experience freezing temperatures over the next few days, so I urge Texans to stay off the roads if they can and continue to heed the guidance of their local officials.”

The Governor also stated that Texas will experience freezing temperatures over the next few days. He reassured, however, the power grid has performed well and will continue to perform well. Power demand reached 69,000 MWs this morning. The State of Texas does not expect demand to exceed that amount for the rest of this weather event. At the time of the press conference, there was still enough extra power to serve over three million additional homes in Texas. Governor Abbott credited the grid’s strength to a variety of proactive strategies, including:

  • winterization,
  • the availability of alternate fuels,
  • the designation of natural gas facilities as critical infrastructure,
  • and a 15% increase in power generation capacity compared to last year.

Governor Abbott reported 20,000 Texas are currently without power due to the following local power issues:

  • high winds,
  • ice on power lines
  • and downed trees and branches.

He encouraged Texans to contact their local power provider if they experience any outages.