Gov. Greg Abbott and Commissioner George P. Bush join forces to help Texans rebound from Hurricane Harvey

AUSTIN – As part of the recovery from Hurricane Harvey, Governor Greg Abbott today announced that Land Commissioner George P. Bush will head up the state’s short-term and long-term Hurricane Harvey housing recovery efforts. Commissioner Bush will lead all housing-related recovery efforts, from quick repair of thousands of Texans’ homes that were damaged in the powerful hurricane and rain storms, to the long-term rebuilding to come.
Governor Greg Abbott, Commissioner George P. Bush, and other officials discussing Hurricane Harvey response and recovery efforts at the Texas Division of Emergency Management’s State Operations Center.

“I am confident Land Commissioner Bush is up to the challenge. His charge is clear — to be a champion for Texans whose residences have been damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Harvey and help them to feel once again at home,” said Governor Abbott. “We will help Texas rebound.”

“Hurricane Harvey has disrupted the lives and livelihoods of millions of Texans,” said Commissioner George P. Bush. “We will bounce back stronger than ever. The Land Office team will put all hands on deck for short term triage to make damaged homes livable, and for the long road of recovery to come. This will be hard work, focused on getting Texans back home into their communities.”
On Tuesday, Commissioner Bush led a briefing in Houston for local, state and federal leaders on CDBG Disaster Recovery funding requirements and logistics.

Hurricane Harvey dumped more than 24.5 trillion gallons of water across the Houston region, which is home to about six million Texans, flooding or damaging homes across the region. The storm also destroyed or damaged homes all along the Texas coast.
The governor’s announcement puts the job of short-term housing repairs and long-term rebuilding with the Land Office, which specializes in disaster recovery.

“We are honored Governor Abbott has designated our team at the General Land Office as the lead agency to help Texans get back on their feet,” Commissioner Bush added. “We’re up to the task. This effort will show once again that when Texans come together, nothing, not even the worst natural disaster in our state’s history, can stop us.”