Gov. Abbott: Texas is Waiving Penalties with Vehicle Registration,Titling and Parking Placards

Due to COVID-19, Texas is waiving certian rules related to vehicle registration, parking placards and titling to help stop the spread

VICTORIA, Texas – Governor Abbott announced on March 16, 2020, that Texas is waiving certain rules relating to vehicle registration, parking placards for persons with disabilities, and titling to aid the state’s efforts to combat COVID-19. These suspensions will allow Texans to avoid penalties for failure to timely title or register a vehicle, or renew a parking placard. This is in effect until 60 days after TxDMV notifies the public that normal vehicle registration, vehicle titling and related have resumed.

DPS Waive Expiration Dates for Driver Licenses:

Governor Greg Abbott announced on March 18, 2020, that he has directed the Department of Public Safety (DPS) to temporarily waive expiration dates for Driver Licenses, Commercial Driver Licenses, and other identification forms. This suspension will be in effect until 60 days after the DPS provides further public notice that normal Driver License operations have resumed.