Gov.Abbott announces growing support for preventing cities from regulating trees on private land

AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott today announced that his call for preventing cities from regulating trees on private land is generating growing support across Texas. Preventing cities from regulating trees on private land is part of the Governor’s 20-item agenda for the ongoing special legislative session.

“Preservation of private property owners’ rights from overly intrusive and unnecessarily burdensome municipal regulations is one of our core tenets in our work on behalf of the members of the Texas Manufactured Housing Association (TMHA). When homeowners decide to improve their standard of living by upgrading to a larger manufactured home, this can involve necessary tree remove for the larger home footprint. Added layers of local permitting and costs to remove trees on private land can be significant enough to financially prevent a homeowner from being able to upgrade, or even initially install, their home. For these reasons, TMHA joins the numerous other private property rights advocates in supporting Gov. Abbott’s call during the special session for the Legislature to examine this issue. We hope a better balance of local control and private property rights preservation can be achieved during this special session.”DJ Pendleton, Executive Director, Texas Manufactured Housing Association

“On behalf of the residential construction and development industry in Texas, the Texas Association of Builders (TAB) will continue to work with the Governor and Legislature to protect private property rights from overly burdensome governmental regulations, taxes and fees. Easing the load of skyrocketing property taxes, expediting the permitting process, and protecting property owners from egregious regulation changes on existing property and onerous tree ordinances are issues TAB has regularly advanced over its 70 years of existence. TAB applauds Governor Abbott for his steadfast commitment to reducing onerous and costly regulations, taxes and fees on private individuals and businesses across the state. Though the residential construction industry maintains its status as an economic driver in Texas, regulatory decisions by state and local governments can and will have an impact on the cost and availability of housing.”Rick McGuire, President, Texas Association of Builders

“The Texas Apartment Association (TAA) supports the work of Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Legislature to ensure private property rights are not trampled by overreaching local regulation. Unreasonable local regulation dramatically increases the cost of new development, which in turn impacts both housing affordability and supply. Texas needs improved consistency in how local governments are allowed to regulate private property when it comes to these types of issues. A predictable, consistent standard will benefit property owners, local governments and ultimately future residents or consumers who come to live, work or shop at these properties.”Chris Newton, Executive Vice President,Texas Apartment Association

“The Texas Retailers Association supports efforts to reinforce property rights of private businesses in Texas.”George Kelemen, President and CEO, The Texas Retailers Association