Good Rain Chances In the Forecast

Today we did not see as many thunderstorms like Friday. However, an upper low in the Central Gulf of Mexico will be moving westward to increase our rain chances for the next couple of days. The deep tropical moisture in the Crossroads is not going anywhere anytime soon. In the tropics, Tropical Storm Florence is in the Eastern Atlantic is curving northwest. Florence should remain away from the United States. The tropical wave in the Southern Bahamas now has a 50% chance of development in five days. Conditions in the Caribbean are too hostile for tropical development. However, the tropical wave will enter the Gulf of Mexico next week and conditions will be slightly better for development.

We will continue to watch this wave over the next several days. Regardless if it develops or not, we will continue with rain chances into next weekend. The second half of the forecast has huge uncertainties. We will keep you updated with the latest information..