Goliad Vandals Caught With New Gadgets

Goliad County Sheriff’s Deputies solved a string of vandalism cases with the help of some new gadgets.

The seven vandals responsible for the Goliad downtown crime spree were caught in late June on surveillance cameras.

The Goliad Sheriff’s Office received 12 military-grade cameras through a program with state of Texas, which does not cost Goliad tax-payers a penny. Captain Pape Says these motion-activated cameras were deployed for the first time to help solve the vandalism cases.

“These cameras gave us the evidence we needed to break this case, and got some excellent images of the suspects in action,” said Pape.

All 12 of the cameras are portable, and the images taken on the camera can be sent by text message to any deputy on-duty. With the sheriff’s office being a small agency, and having a limited amount of deputies to patrol, this technology extends the reach of the agency.

“Each one of these that we are using, is like a deputy on surveillance at all times, so this type of technology really helps us be more effective,” said Pape.

Not only does the agency have cameras, but just a couple of months ago, they received a drone. This technology can help deputies with smuggling purposes, bail-outs, and even littering. Deputies will get the opportunity to detect crime, and Pape hopes these new gadgets will help keep the community safe.

“Hopefully people will take notice, and think twice before they try something because they may have a camera watching them,” said Pape.