Goliad Superintendent speaks about locker room damage

After Friday night’s big win over Yoakum, the Goliad locker room was vandalized. Newscenter 25’s David Gibson went down to Goliad and spoke with the superintendent and tells us what he learned. Goliad’s superintendent describes seeing the vandalized locker room as heart breaking and something he has never seen before. The Friday night the lights were bright as the Goliad Tigers took on the Yoakum bulldogs.
After the big loss someone one on the Yoakum football team decided to vandalize the locker room.
“Our junior high coaches are in charge of cleaning up the dressing rooms and one of our junior high coaches discovered all the damages,” adds Dave Plymale, Goliad Superintendent. Once the damage was discovered, pictures were sent to the Superintendent Dave Plymale tells me it was even worse seeing it in person than over the phone.
“Its saddening to come in and see the facility like this and the damages that were done, exclaims Plymale. Our kids and our opponents take very good care when they are visiting us. So im very disappointed and appalled.” I asked Superintendent Plymale how much does he estimate the damages will cost.
“Ahh its going to be several thousand dollars, im not sure yet because these are custom made seats so its hard to say right now,” tells Plymale. He adds that he contacted the Goliad sheriffs office about the vandalism Saturday afternoon.
“So they have come and taken pictures and are investigating damages,” explains Plymale.”They have the video from our security camera of who walked out of the dressing room.” Plymale says the news of the vandalism spread like wildfire throughout the community and everyone is upset.
He adds that the senior citizens use that dressing room when they go walk on the indoor track.
“They just want to make sure that a thorough investigation is completed and the person or persons are held accountable for their actions,” declares Plymale. Goliad wont start repairs until the investigation is complete Superintendent Plymale told me the Yoakum Superintendent Tom Kelly is very apologetic and embarrassed, Yoakum Isd will pay for the damages.