Goliad powerlifter wins state as a junior

Segura lifted a total amount of 1050 lbs in the state meet

CORPUS CHRISTI– There is a new state champion in the Crossroads and her name is Aerinna Segura. The Goliad powerlifter competed in the state tournament in the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi Thursday afternoon against the top lifters in the  state.

Segura competes in the 220 lbs weight class. Her goal at the beginning of the year was to make it to the state tournament. The junior has only been competing since her sophomore year. After completing her goal of making it to state she decided to win it since she was there. Coming off the regional meet, Segura was projected to finish on the podium according to her coach John Livas. Segura had one lift left to go when she realized she was going to be a state champion.

On my last deadlift as soon as I picked it and slammed it to the ground I knew right then and there, said Segura. I ran and hugged Livas, I was ecstatic.

Segura’s family was in attendance after her final lift and participated in the celebration.

My dad came out of nowhere and literally lifted me up, he was crying, I was crying in his arms, said Segura. Just hearing the video after the third deadlift, and their screams, I’ve heard that video tons of times just to hear them.

She got involved in powerlifting was because second year powerlifting coach Livas approached Segura in the weight room when he saw how strong she was and she had the physical build of a powerlifter.

I am so proud of her, her hard work, how disciplined she is and how conscious she is about being disciplined in her technique, said Livas.

Segura plans to break as many records as she can next year as a senior.


Squatted: 420 lbs

Benched: 260 lbs

Deadlifted: 370 lbs