Goliad Outreach Food Pantry Seeks Better Food Storage

The Goliad Outreach Food Pantry has one mission- provide resources for nutritional meals. However the building where the food pantry stores its food for distribution has many issues that are putting at risk this program for the community.

Operating to feed over 200 families in Goliad, the lack of a well air conditioned space, limits options for the Goliad Outreach Food Program.

“Quantities are real low now because I don’t want it to waste, so I keep the quantities real low” says Goliad Outreach Food Program President, Tony Kouba.

The large building that once stood as an ice house now opens once a month to distribute food to Goliad. The issue is- storing it safely

“It wasn’t made for food storage, so part of the requirements since all of this food comes from the USDA, or basically a lot of it is commodities from the USDA- we’re obliged to follow certain guidelines” adds Kouba.

As temperatures reach the triple digits in the Crossroads area, and residents keep registering for help, Tony Kouba can’t provide options like produce or bread and pastries, as they would quickly go to waste in the heat.

“We don’t have the provisions to store it” adds Kouba.

However, Kouba is working alongside Goliad County Commissioners to provide a solution. Kouba adds that precinct one commissioner Kenneth Edwards has helped the program a lot, and hopes to solve the storing issue.

“What we want we want to do is put up a new building within this building using existing foundation, that way we can have a climate controlled and have the 80 degrees that is required by the USDA” explains Kouba.

Cars line up as volunteers load their vehicles, many of these people who need this extra help.

” [It’s] very important because some people just live paycheck to paycheck- I’m the only one working and my mom lives with me and my little boy, this helps us a lot” says Roxanne Ramirez, a frequent visitor to the Goliad Outreach Food Pantry.

Clothing is also offered to help the community. This part of the building was destroyed by hurricane Harvey, but with the help of the JJ Watt Foundation, the site was rebuilt and is up and running once again. Volunteers continue to offer help despite all these challenges.

“We feel like this is some small way of helping in the community here in Goliad, and I guess that’s the simply part of it” says Kouba.

Although the solution is not yet concrete or set, the Goliad Outreach Food Pantry will continue to offer services and has major plans to expand and make this resource stay available to the community of Goliad.