Goliad ISD cracking down on vaping and bullying in school with new monitors

The Goliad Independent School District is making some changes to their campuses for this upcoming school year.

Goliad ISD says the increasing number vaping and bullying instances has led them to take preventative measures.

The school district formed a safety and security committee back in December that consists of community members, school leaders and law enforcement.

“Through this process over a period of five or six months, the committee looked what’s gone on in our school district and made some recommendations to our school security and things to address social, emotional health of our students,” adds Dave Plymale, Superintendent.

Goliad ISD will be installing vape and bully monitors in their high school and middle school.

“We’ve noticed that over the last few years more and more students are using the vape devices,” says Brandon Enos, Principal.

Goliad High school Principal Brandon Enos says that students have been using the vape pens in the bathrooms and locker rooms.

“So we wanted to figure out a solution, so we can stop students from even starting to use the devices and deter them,” tells Enos.

They will install the monitors in the bathrooms and lockers of Goliad High School, Middle School and the Event center.

Newscetner 25 asked how will these new sensors will detect if someone is using vape or being bullied?

“The sensors detect the vape in the air or loud noise because their also noise detectors, and if there is a change in the amount of decibels then it will send a notification to our cell phones,” explains Enos.

Once staff receives the notification they can go to that location or review the cameras.

It is worth noting that these sensors will not record any video footage, rather the vape sensor is only monitoring vape smoke in the air. Similarly, the bullying sensor is only monitoring sounds above a certain volume.

If either of the sensors are triggered then school officials will be notified.

School officials believe this move will help promote safety throughout the district.

“We are committed to the safety of our students at Goliad High school and Goliad ISD, and so we are going to do everything we can to make we have safety in our school and in our community,” declares Enos.

“Nationwide this has been an issue in our schools, and we want to do what we can to deter the things that affect the health of our students,” exclaims Plymale.

Goliad ISD will start installing these monitors this summer to have them ready for the start of school.