Goliad High School Celebrates its seniors with a parade

GOLIAD, Texas–The 2020 graduating class of Goliad High School celebrated their senior year in more ways than one.

Seniors decorated their cars and got together with parents and friends to celebrate their last year of high school. Goliad High School principal Brandon Enos knows how important it is to the graduating class to have a parade.

“They’re just a tremendous group of young men and young women and they’re just going to be very successful I already know that. Very tenacious group. They’ve been through a lot as a class. This is just one of many things they’ve been through and overcome. It does mean a lot to me that we get to still come together and celebrate their milestone,” said Enos.

Due to the pandemic, the seniors were not allowed to have the traditional celebrations and banquets. The farewells and signing of the yearbooks did not get to happen either.

“This parade and tonight’s ceremony, even though we’re going to be pretty distance apart, it’s what I’m hoping our seniors get out of it is some closure for this year,” continued Enos.

This is the first year that the drive by parade takes place, but principal Enos wouldn’t mind having more of these parades every year.

“Not against having a parade I was just asked by a school board member if we’ll continue doing it and I told her it’s something we could look at and to continue doing in the future if that’s something our graduates and parents and community want to continue doing,” said Enos.

All seniors will be present for the graduation ceremony, however each student only received six tickets for their guests and are not allowed any more.