Goliad county sign off on inter-local agreement to use mental health task agents from Victoria

The Victoria County Sheriff’s Office and Gulf Bend Center have partnered with Goliad County to provide mental health agents in the event of a mental health emergency.

Goliad County Commissioners approved the partnership during their weekly meeting.

The inter-local agreement, which was funded through grants provided by State senator Lois Kolkhorst, will allow mental health agents from Victoria to aid Goliad County during a mental health emergency.

The grant funding the project totals nearly $2 million dollars.

Victoria Chief Deputy Roy Boyd says mental health patients deserve proper treatment from a certified agent, instead of being thrown straight in jail without aid or counseling.

“People don’t need to be in jail. They need to receive mental health help, receive their medication, receive their proper care. And, as law enforcement, we want to ensure that the right thing is done. So, we’re working with Gulf Bend to form this collaborative and move on into our next phase of operation so that we can help everybody in the region.”

Goliad County Sheriff Kirby Brumby says his office is unable to hire mental health agents themselves because of a limited budget and a lack of positions available. With the inter-local agreement, the agents will work for Victoria County and still be able to provide assistance to other counties.

Refugio County have also joined the inter-local agreement.

Victoria County will continue to seek funding for the program and hope to enter agreements with all surrounding counties in the crossroads.