Goliad County Sheriff’s Office investigates increase in abandoned vehicles

The Goliad County Sheriff’s office is making people aware of stolen and abandoned vehicles in the crossroads.

As you drive on any open road, sometimes you may notice vehicles that seem to be abandoned,
However Goliad Sheriff’s office is advising you to alert officials immediately.

“That’s a key to a bigger puzzle that these are going to be used in some sort of illegal activity,” said Kirby Brumby, Goliad Sheriff.

Goliad Sheriff Brumby express his major concern of stolen vehicles like any law enforcement official- but the bigger issue is more concerning as he believes this is a critical tactic to transport illegal drugs and immigrants

“The deal is if they use a non stolen car and they’re stopped then they are going to lose the vehicle, of course if it’s a stolen vehicle they’re going to lose the vehicle too but not any money.”

He took to social media an important alert in a post explaining that several vehicles have been stolen in Goliad County in recent months only to be recovered hidden in the brush or recovered recovering contraband.

Brumby says suspicious activity associated to this varies. “Usually these are nice vehicles, and if you see a nicer vehicle, four door pickups, nice suv’s if you see them driven into secluded areas,” said Brumby.

The use of these vehicle contribute to many types of crimes, and brumby explains why criminals may use this approach to get away with wrong-doing.

“What we think these people are doing is people will hide them in the brush for up to 30 days and get them out and they’re able to drive them and not be as easily detected.”

Now Brumby along with other Crossroads Sheriffs want the public to report any type of suspicious vehicle stopping or entering private property and are advised to call Goliad Sheriff Office at 361-645-3451.