Goliad County Passes Budget

After a long road to form the county budget, Goliad County judge and commissioners have made their final vote for the 2019 budget.

A nearly 3 hour long commissioners court meeting held Tuesday morning was the final step to to complete the 2019 Goliad County budget.

“Normally it’s either an up or down vote, and that’s the end of it. But it’s been so contentious this year” says County Judge, Pat Calhoun.

Dozens of concerned citizens filled the courtroom. Most were there to speak about the 2019 budget, specifically budget cuts to the sheriff’s department.

“I think the sheriff’s office is doing just fine- they don’t need to cut more officers” says David, a Goliad resident.

Goliad County Sheriff, Kirby Brumby expressed major concerns over the proposed budget that would take away two deputies.

The total budget used for deputy salaries in 2018 was $560,799 — the 2019 proposal, cut that budget to $425,526. A difference totaling to $135,273. This total would pay those two deputies adds the Sheriff Brumby.

After commissioners had a discussion, the final vote was to keep the deputies salaries in the budget.

“The intention of the court all along was not to lose any field deputies- he wasn’t doing it on his own so we corrected it thought the budget- I think the commissioners have spoken on that” adds Judge Pat Calhoun.

Concerns over the current maxed out tax rate of 80 cents also made for talk. Citizens voiced that it’s just too high.

“The people here in this town are being so taxed, that Goliad is going to become a ghost town. People cannot stand to live here, they can’t afford it anymore” adds David.

No change was made to the tax rate this year, but citizens are not standing idle. A petition signed by over 400 people was turned into Goliad County commissioners.

“A petition places this item on the ballot, and voters in Goliad County will have the opportunity to either vote yes we want more taxes or no we want to repeal these taxes” says Kenneth Buelter of Goliad.