Goliad County cattle seizure reversed after second hearing

GOLIAD COUNTY, Texas – A second hearing resulted in a reversal of a cattle seizure of over 130 head of cattle in Goliad County.

Attorney Joe Glenn Kahla represented the Padilla family, who were given the cattle by their previous employer, who passed away in January.

Kahla was able to get the alleged animal abuse case dismissed by determining the drone footage used in the case was shot without a warrant.

“So all the cattle were returned,” said Jim Bradbury, with the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. “It really got the attention of the agriculture and beef community in Goliad County, as well as other counties.”

The Padilla’s attorney also made note that several cattle across the state suffered poor eating conditions and a lack of supplies due to the hayless winter,  which was followed by the freezing February temperatures.

The will of the original cattle owner continues to be contested in court by family members who were involved in the preliminary investigation against the Padillas.