Goliad County Budget Proposals

The 2018 budget period is coming to a close at the end of this month and Goliad County is preparing to introduce the county’s new budget for the year of 2019, however this came with a bit of backlash.

“We will continue to do the best we can but with severe cuts of more that $400,000 this year, I have a concern” says Goliad County Sheriff Brumby.

Sheriff Brumby expresses concern over a budget proposal for the Sheriff’s office, an estimated cut that may affect the amount of deputies the department will hold.

“If I’m losing 2 deputies there will be more concerns with safety because we are a direct line from Laredo to Houston where a lot of illegal stuff can be transported”

Sheriff Brumby like many Goliad residents took to social media to express their concerns. Goliad Sheriff’s Office official Facebook posted their concerns about budget proposals in hopes of reaching out to residents and having a better turn out at county budget meetings. One thing that caused more confusion was the proposal available on the Goliad County website. Proposals are being changed but not yet updated online. Commissioner David Bruns says these proposals are not yet final, but will be posted on the official Goliad County website.

The budget for the Sheriff’s department online was still showing a proposed $2,245,596 – however, the updated form provided by county auditor shows a proposal of $1,819,614.

County Judge and Commissioners have restructured many budgets as the county is at an 80 cent tax maximum.

“We have had to cut, offices have come to us with cuts- we have to keep our doors open” states Commissioner David Bruns.

The county which saw loss in mineral value, a major part of revenue, must re-adjust with less funds available. Bruns adds, that safety is always a priority, and its up to the county to prioritize these services.