Golden Crescent Prevention educates on digging safety

The Golden Crescent Damage prevention Council along with Texas 811 held a meeting to educate contractors about underground digging. Newscenter 25’s David Gibson attended the meeting and has more on how you can stay safe when digging. Officials for the golden Crescent Damage Prevention council main goal today is to provide information to contractors on steps to stay safe when digging….but it’s not just contractors GCDP wants to you to be aware. Back in May I was invited to a Texas 811 demonstration about the dangers high voltage and underground digging. But today Texas 811 focused on underground digging.
“it will prevent injuries and damage,” says Cydni Smith Emergency Manager. Officials are telling these field working contractors to call Texas 811 before any dirt is moved.
“You should be calling 811 to have all utilities marked because we do have a lot of pipelines, utility lines, water lines underground that people don’t see but they’re there,” explains Smith. At the demonstration in May they showed what it looks like to mark the utilities and
Jesse Torres with Texas 811 says it takes up to 48 hours for utility lines to be marked. Contractors also voiced their concerns about the lack of public education on digging safely .
If you want to do any digging in your yard, you need to call 811 before you start digging.
“This doesn’t only go for the guys out in the field, this is for homeowners. If you’re planting bushes, setting up a new fence, swimming pool, make sure you call 811 before you start digging, even in your backyard,” tells Jesse Torres, Texas 811. If you decide to dig before calling 811 and you hit a line, there will be consequences.
“If you do create an issue whether its a line strike or worst case scenario an explosion because you hit a gas line. You are looking at fines up to 2500 dollars and above plus all damages,” declares Smith. Smith says they are looking into holding a public forum to educate the public..