Gobbler Stadium to get new turf

CUERO, Texas — The Cuero Gobblers football team reached the state semifinals in the 2021 season and the school will now be getting new turf for Gobbler Stadium. Turf is normally good for 10 years and the current Gobbler Stadium turf is roughly nine years old. The new turf going to be safer and cooler for the athletes that will use it.

The turf will have a better Gmax rating. Meaning a GMAX test measures impact attenuation – the ability of the playing surface to absorb the “shock”, or kinetic energy – from a collision, such as a player falling to the surface. The lower the GMAX rating, the more energy is absorbed by the surface. Alternatively, the higher the GMAX rating, the less energy is absorbed by the surface, meaning more energy is returned to the player, according to The Motz Group.

The new field will not have the black pellets, instead it will have pea gravel which will help the turf be 20% cooler. This will be the same turf that Victoria East and West have at Memorial Stadium. Head coach for the Gobblers Jack Alvarez says the turf will have the exact same logos and lines on the field, including the previous state championships because it is important to have that history and tradition imbedded on the field. The construction will take place January 6, 2022 and continue through February 25, 2022 just in time for track season. The price tag for the new turf is $713,000.