GM workers worried over daughter’s health care after benefits cut

An Eastpointe, Michigan family is sharing the difficult uphill battle they now face after GM announced health care for employees would be cut off during the strike.

The family’s daughter who had a heart transplant nearly 6 years ago is in need of more testing and medication, things that cost thousands of dollars and are usually covered through insurance.

The MCulley-Csernyand family says they’re still going to U of M to meet with doctors about the tests their daughter needs, but say GM’s latest move to cut of health care was below the belt.

Eli Csernyand has worked for General Motors for more than 20 years. When he found out GM was cutting health care for employees during the strike, he was taken back.

Eli’s Wife Jeannie says stopping health care coverage is putting a lot of people at risk, including their daughter, who nearly six years ago had a heart transplant and needs treatment every three months.

Jeannie says by GM stopping health care coverage isn’t only a dirty tactic, but is putting her daughters life at risk, who needs special medication daily just to keep her alive.

GM told employees they can switch to COBRA if they want to continue with health care coverage. GM says UAW workers can call the GM benefits and service center at 1-800-489-4646 to enroll, which the Union pays for. That means all medical and prescription medications are covered. In the end, the employee pays for it, then submits for reimbursement through COBRA. The union has more than 750 million dollars in its strike fund. Eli says eventually when negotiations get ironed out, he’ll have a different view about the company he’s worked for, for so long.

The family says they plan on going to Ann Arbor tomorrow for her daughters appointment.