GISD Set to Add More Security to School Campuses

Goliad Independent School District is preparing to being the school year soon, and with that, they prepare to update security. Newscenter 25’s Griselda Perez has the details.

Less than a month away from classes starting, GISD is gearing up to bring more cameras to its campuses. David Luna, GISD Technical Director explains more on this process.

“We needed to look on the outside and actually be able to get us that outside eye that we need” he says.

This update on school security includes more than 40 new external cameras.

“Times have changed people are not as trusting as hey used to be unfortunately and you hate to hear that but even in a small community or big community you have to worry about those types of things”

With recent school safety mandate from Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Goliad ISD is furthering their plans as their school safety project dates back 5 years with the installation of internal cameras.

“These are some of the inside cameras we have, as you can see here there actually throughout all the halls ways going up and down” adds Mr. Luna.

This phase will cost about $35,000, funds that have now been approved by the GISD school board.

“Every school will benefit from this security measure that was passed by the school board” adds Luna.

Cameras will be focused on places like parking lots and school entrances and exits in hopes of catching anything suspicious before it enters any building.

“Things change very quickly… like active shooters… I hate to say it, but that’s one of the things we need to make sure we watch and be vigilant on those kinds of things” says Luna.