Girl Scouts of Greater South Texas begin selling cookies for new year

The Girl Scouts of Greater South Texas have begun selling cookies this week as part of their famous cookie program.

The organization received their first shipments of Girl Scout cookies Wednesday afternoon, marking the beginning of the cookie drive.

All proceeds from the cookie sales will go towards helping local organizations as well towards prizes and rewards to the girls for their hard work and dedication.

Girl scout troops will be out in force, learning the importance of teamwork and valuing all the hard work that goes into selling these cookies.

“They need to learn to set goals,” stated Community Program Executive Frances Cervantes. “They need to learn disappointment cause not everyone is gonna buy girl scout cookies. So, they need to accept no. It really is more developing the girls. For the future; our future leaders.”

Girl scout cookies will start at four dollars a box. The cookie program will end on February 24th.