Generals & Victoria West Junior League Baseball

West Wins Sectionals Opener

The Generals and Victoria West Junior League champs, going for baseball wins Friday night.

The Generals, starting the second half of the season Friday night at Riverside.
I was there for the Generals and Baton Rouge and Dollar Dog Night. Spencer Arrighetti, formerly of TCU, getting the start for the Generals. He strikes out three of the first four batters. The fifth batter, Brendan Lambert, strikes that pitch way out of here for a 1-0 Rougaroo lead in the second. Arrighetti goes 6.2 innings, allows just four hits, strikes out 12. Generals take the lead with two in the third and they go on to win. 5-1. The Generals have clinched the second seed in the playoffs. Generals GM Mike Yokum tells me 5-6 new players are joining the Generals this weekend.

‘It’s great to have some new players and new talent out on the field. it gives us a few more options off the bench.”
This is the special jersey the Generals will be wearing Saturday night at Riverside. That’ll be Purple Out The Park Night for the Generals. It’s the fifth time the Generals have had this special event. After Saturday night’s game these special jerseys will be auctioned off at the stadium, and the proceeds will go to the Alzheimer’s Association. Last year’s Purple Out The Park raised over $12,000 that night. Last month, the Generals held a jersey auction to help Warriors’ Weekend, and that auction raised over $27,000.

Victoria West Little League Baseball Junior League district champs, off to a big start at sectionals in New Braunfels.

West beats Shiner, 14-2, in five innings.
Ruben Pandierna with a two-run double for West, while Logan Schmedt goes the distance for the win. Victoria West’s next game at sectionals in New Braunfels, Saturday night at 7:30.