GCSO urge residents to clear outstanding warrants during Warrant Round Up

The Goliad County Sherriff’s Office is urging residents who believe they have warrants to reach out to their office to clear their debt.

February is Texas Warrant Round Up month, where law enforcement agencies across Texas attempt to collect debt owed on outstanding warrants.

Goliad Sheriff Kirby Brumby hopes residents reach out to address their outstanding warrant because failing to do so could cost offenders more money and possibly time in jail.

“[The] Issue is if you’re some place and you get stopped and there’s a warrant for your arrest, then your car is gonna…. it’ll cost you more money because your car will probably be towed and you’ll be arrested some place and you’ll have to get your car out of impound. So, it’s better if they take care of their warrants before they get arrested than after they get arrested.”

Nearly two hundred Goliad residents currently have outstanding warrants.

Residents who believe they have a warrant can reach out to the Goliad County Sheriff’s Office or their local Justice of the Peace to have their debts cleared.