Ganado police: ‘No known link’ between shooting death suspect and victim

GANADO, Texas – There is ‘no known link’ between the suspect and victim part of a shooting death at a local grocery store parking lot.

On Wednesday, Oct. 27 a shooting was reported from the parking lot of a Brookshire Brothers in Ganado.

As of Tuesday, the Ganado Police Department have not uncovered any link between the woman who was shot by a man, who later shot himself.

Interviews with the suspect’s family have not led to any new information, police wrote in a statement Tuesday.

The department is working to determine why the male shooter was in Ganado and what his motive was.

David M. Merritt, Ganado Police Department Chief, says there is not a possible ongoing threat to the community related to the shooting.

Merritt also wrote that previous reports of domestic violence tied to the case, are unsubstantiated.

“No evidence to back this claim has come to light,” wrote the police chief.

The investigation is ongoing.