Game Room Permits

Victoria City Council held a meeting Tuesday evening with regard to the permits of game rooms in the county.

With the year coming to an end, permits in use now will be expired and the requirement to get a new permit will become more advanced.

City Attorney, Thomas Gwosdz made known what the resolution of the city was offering. “Judge Ben Zeller has stated publicly that it is his desire to regulate game rooms throughout the county including in the city limits and that it is his stated goal to eliminate all game rooms. I recommend that at the next city council meeting we adopt more game room permits that will extend through the end of the year and until such time al the county adapts their regulation. All of our current game room permits expire at the end of the calendar year, I suspect that many of those permit holders are looking to file paperwork in the next month that would extend their permit for the next calendar year. And I think it’s important that we go ahead and clear up the regulatory system within the city by issuing a more and making it clear that we are not going to issue new permits until such time as the county regulatory scheme goes into effect.”

The next step now for these game rooms will be up to the county to adapt regulations.