Future students invited to tour UHV during Jaguar Day

Prospective students and their families will go to the University of Houston Victoria’s Jaguar Day this Saturday to get a closer look at college and campus life. Students can take tours of the campus and the dorms.

Freshmen, transfer and graduate students are invited to see UHV campus to talk with university faculty, staff and students about majors, student life activities, campus jobs and financial aid. Students can take tours of Jaguar Village to see where they will sleep, eat, study and socialize. students will meet with representatives from UHV to learn more about the school’s academic programs.

“We think it helps them because for one they get a feel for what campus is all about so whether they’re considering UHV it gives them that home away from home feeling like you know one because we’re all about personal one on one attention giving them that quality education,” UHV Student Recruitment Coordinator, Oscar Torres said.

Students will use social media to show their school spirit and excitement for the start of a new school year.