Full Force gymnasts bring home medals from U.S. Championships

DES MOINES, Iowa — The Full Force gymnasts are back from the national competitions in Iowa. The competitions took place June 20 -26. Of the multiple athletes that competed in nationals, three came back with medals. 10-year-old Caleigh Ganaway was competing against 11 and 12-year-olds, and she finished in second, winning the silver medal in level eight trampoline against 47 other girls. Ganaway would also finish in fifth place out of 64, in double mini. Ganaway attributes her success to working hard and not playing around.

It was with better girls, in a harder age group, said Ganaway. It was more fun because it was (against) more girls.

There is a new national champion in the Crossroads and her name is Daizy Rickman. She came home with multiple medals, gold in trampoline and bronze in double mini. Rickman competes in the 9 & 10-year-old division and level eight trampoline and level eight double mini. Rickman competed in nationals in 2019 and won a silver medal. Last year, Rickman was not able to compete since she broke her arm and had to have surgery weeks before nationals.

It feels really good because I didn’t get to compete last year, said Rickman. I don’t really like double mini the best, trampoline is my favorite.

Kylie Ortiz competed with the 13 & 14-year-olds in level 10 trampoline where she finished in 3rd place, winning a bronze medal. In double mini, Ortiz would finished in the top 10, placing 7th. Ortiz likes competing in nationals to win medals, but also to see her friends from out of state.

I’m looking forward to push forward and to do more hard skills to get my difficulty up, said Ortiz. I want to work hard with what I know and stuff.

Full Force coach Chad Ganaway has been in the industry for 23 years and has coached a national champion for 21 years consecutively. He ties his success to that of how the girls do.

It was a great job, we are proud of you, all of Full Force is proud of you, said Ganaway. We appreciate your hard work and are glad that it paid off.

Now the group will start training for next season and looking to make it back to the national championships in 2023.