‘Friday has become one of our students’ favorite days each week’

Stroman STEM Academy introduces Friday STEM Day

VICTORIA, Texas – In January, Stroman STEM Academy introduced weekly design challenges for its sixth-grade students, known as Friday STEM Day.

Each Friday, students will engage in “Design Time” alternating between their science and social studies classes. During this time, they receive an engineering design challenge to solve.

Students work together using the following process:

  • Identify the problem
  • Imagine how to solve the problem
  • Plan design with materials provided within set time constraints
  • Create design
  • Learn from setbacks and mistakes along the way to make improvements

So far, during the spring semester, students have participated in five engineering design challenges, In these challenges, they have designed transportation systems, potato batteries, museum exhibits of models of the Earth’s layers, created culturally aligned musical instruments out of raw materials and cleaned up an “oil spill” using limited resources.

“Friday has become one of our students’ favorite days each week because it is fun and handson and one of our teacher’s favorite days because they get to see incredibly creative designs and outside of the box thinking from their students,” said Jordan Ivy, STEM instructional coach. “Our students definitely look forward to and enjoy the STEM challenges each week, especially the messy ones!”