Fri-Yay Pet of the Week 7-2-21

Adopt Shelbi

VICTORIA, Texas – Today is Fri-Yay, and here on Sunrise that means it’s also time for Pet of The Week.  A segment where we highlight shelter pets here in The Crossroads looking for their furrever homes.  This morning we want to introduce you to our furry friend, one cute little kitty cat from the Dorothy O’Connor Pet Adoption Center here in Victoria. So here’s Sharon from the adoption center.

Sharon: “Uhm Shelbi is a domestic shorthair Tabby.  He is a sweet loving boy he is two and a half years old.  Uhm He has previously been adopted before but ah unfortunately due to a little bit of a kitty destructiveness he got brought back.  Uhm it is typical in cats to want to scratch things.  Ahh so if anyone wants to adopt him I do recommend maybe getting him a scratching post.  It’s one of his favorite things to do scratch on ah the scratching post.  He loves to relax he loves to roll in catnip absolutely loves it.  Uhm he is actually ah whenever he got brought back he actually came back a little calmer.  He ah normally he used to be very energetic.  But what people don’t know is that whenever an animal gets brought back to our facility ah it kind of puts them a little bit into a shock.  But and then they have to readjust. Ah, luckily he’s coming out of his shell.  And he is ah finally wanting to make friends. And loves to play with kittens.  Tends to get a little rough when he plays but he does love to play a lot.”

Here’s how you can get in contact with the Dorothy O’Connor Pet Adoption Center if you’re interested in Shelbi, or any other furry friend.

You can visit them at their location at 135 Progress Drive here in Victoria. You can also call them.  Their number is 361-575-8573.

If you’d like to take a look at all the furry friends they have waiting to find their furrever families.  All available cats and dogs are listed on their website at