Free Spay and Neuter Program

The City of Cuero, along with the Pet Adoptions of Cuero team, are joining together to continue the major spay program for female dogs and cats. The program is open to any Cuero city resident, who would like to have their female dog, cat, or feral cat “fixed” prior to the spring breeding season. In order to be eligible for the no-cost procedure, residents of Cuero will need to call City Hall at 361-275-6114 and ask for Tracy Pressler at extension 122.
Info will be taken about your pet Name Age Breed Color

You will need to provide a current utility bill to prove residency, a contact phone number, and your preferred choice of a participating vet clinic here in Cuero.

You will be given a form with a voucher number that you will take to the vet’s office and is valid for 6 weeks from the date of issue.

The City of Cuero will pick up the medical costs for spaying the animal. Residents will incur the cost of rabies/distemper shots if their pet is not current on their vaccinations. The offer is made on a 1st Come-1st Serve basis and funds are limited.

Vets clinics participating: Cuero Vet Clinic, Dr. Koby Reitz, 367 US Highway 183s Dewitt Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Robert Beer, 1251 State Highway 72 W
Call no to register your pet and get your free voucher: 361-275-6114