Free/Reduced Meal Application, Income Survey available on July 1 for V.I.S.D. families

Here is how you can complete both the application and survey


VICTORIA, Texas – Victoria ISD families will have the chance to complete the Free/Reduced Meal Application and Income Survey beginning on Friday, July 1. Parents/guardians can complete the application and/or survey by visiting

VISD receives funding from the state and federal governments. It uses the funds to support the needs of low-income students, resulting in thousands of additional dollars in funding. The district and campuses use the funding received to implement after-school programs. They also create budgets to support students in additional learning opportunities.

Free/Reduced Meal Application

Victoria East and West High School students should complete the Free/Reduced meal application. Even if students bring their own lunch or go to a school where they receive free lunch, they should still complete the form. Completing the form ensures that each campus gets all the funding and benefits available to support teachers and students.

Students can qualify for either a reduced rate, $0.30 for breakfast and $0.40 for lunch, or free meals. If an application is not submitted, students will not qualify and will be charged regular meal rates. Regular meal rates includes $4 for breakfast and $5 for lunch.

Regarding federal discounts, completing the Free/Reduced Meal Application is highly important to VISD. The district currently qualifies for E-Rate funding. This level of funding provides schools and libraries affordable access to advanced telecommunications services.

If the district fails to have an accurate free-reduced number, a significant reduction in E-Rate funding will occur. Qualifying for Free/Reduced meals can decrease/negate college application fees/many testing fees.

Family Income Survey

If your child attends a school that is a Community Eligible Program (CEP), they will need to complete the Family Income Survey. These schools include all VISD elementary, middle school and credit recovery. The Family Income Survey provides campuses the opportunity to collect household income information. By collecting this data, the district can qualify for state and federal funding to use towards learning assistance programs, teacher incentives and more through Title funds.

Title funds help campuses qualify for grants to ensure the state accurately represents students in subpopulations. Parents will also have the chance to qualify for reduced childcare, sports registrations and more by completing the Family Income Survey.

A few things to know about the Free/Reduced Meal Application and Family Income Survey:

  • Applications and surveys will be available online on Friday, July 1
  • Applications and surveys need to be dated July 1 or after
  • All students in the household must be listed on both the Free/Reduced Meal

Application and the Family Income Survey

Victoria ISD will process all applications submitted in July before Tuesday, Aug. 9, so qualifying students can receive free or reduced meals for the 2022-23 school year. Parents/guardians must complete and process applications and surveys by Friday, Oct. 28, for state accountability.

You can complete the Free/Reduced Meal Application and/or Family Income Survey here.

The Victoria ISD provided the above information.