Foster Parents of Victoria Inc. honored to be this month’s Pay It Forward recipient

Hey Crossroads, I’m Abbi Rocha and it’s Pay It Forward Thursday! We’re about to present a one thousand dollar check to Foster Parents of Victoria Inc. and they actually won this month’s submission with 67 percent of the votes.

I’m here with the Executive Director of Foster Parents of Victoria Inc., Wonda Montag.

Now Wanda, what will you all use this money for?

“Okay, this grant will be use with our spring shopping. It’s one of our programs that we have that benefit our foster children. That will be put with other grants that we have gotten to be able to facilitate that for all kids.”

How does it feel that you’ve helped so many kids… cause it trickles down to the kids. That’s what this is all about.

“It’s our heartbeat. And, umm… If you’ve never had these children in your home, then you don’t really know what it means to have them. And, it’s a privilege. So, that’s why the community giving to us… I wish they could actually see what we get to see. And experience what we get to experience with the children. Because, you just.. you can’t trade those memories. You really can’t.”

“For the community to support us and what we do, so that we can turn around and bless these lives.. because they’re our future. They’re gonna be our tomorrow. And, if they’re not healthy, then we’re not gonna have a healthy society.”

“To know, that they can trust us with their money and that we do what we say we’re gonna do, and we’ve been here all of these years… for somebody to believe in us as foster parents…. that’s just… it’s amazing!”

Pay It Forward, Crossroads!