Former West Baseball Star Recovers From Surgery

Kalich Looks Ahead To Returning To Braves

Kasy Kalich 6 4

A former West Warrior, not affected by big changes in minor league baseball.

ESPN reports hundreds of minor league baseball players were released Thursday.

Kasey Kalich is not one of those players. The former West Warrior and Victoria General tells us he is still in the Braves farm system. Today, Kalich is in College Station, having the cast taken off his right wrist and he’ll have x-rays taken as well. Kalich had surgery back in January on a fracture in the scaphoid in the wrist. Kalich ended last season with the Braves low Class A league team in Rome, Georgia. Kasey spent two to three months there, and had a 1.25 ERA and 32 strikeouts in just over 20 innings.