Former Victoria County Sheriff Deputy arrested

The former deputy is currently being held at the Victoria County Jail

VICTORIA, Texas – On Wednesday, March 10, the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office was notified by the Victoria Police Department of a criminal investigation involving a deputy of the Sheriff’s Office. The Texas Rangers are also investigating.

It was determined that Tony Salinas, who worked in the Courts Division was under investigation for Invasive Visual Recordings of another person. On Tuesday, March 11, 2021, Mr. Salinas was placed on administrative leave by Chief Deputy Will Franklin due to the criminal investigation. At that time, an internal investigation was opened by the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office in reference to policy violations committed by Mr. Salinas relating to this incident

Upon completion of the internal investigation, the following policy violations were identified as violations of the VCSO Rules of Conduct

• Failure to notify the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office of an open criminal investigation.

• Failure to report for duty on Thursday, March 11, 2021.

• Conduct unbecoming of a VCSO deputy sheriff

“Mr. Salinas’ behavior is a black mark against our noble profession and a breach of the oath that he swore to uphold,” said Sheriff Marr. “The type of incident alleged to have been committed by Mr. Salinas is intolerable and goes against everything that I stand for and falls short of the professionalism I expect from my deputies. This type of conduct will not be tolerated in my office”

Salinas’s employment was terminated on March 16, a result of the policy violation. On Tuesday, March 23, Mr. Salinas was arrested and booked into the Victoria County Jail for Invasive Visual Recordings which is a felony offense. Records show that 36-year-old Salinas bonded out later in the evening. District judge Marr has sealed the arrest warrant.