Former VC student finding ways to remain in entertainment spotlight during pandemic

The professional actor and Victoria College alumnus was featured in the New York Times and Washington Post

VICTORIA, Texas- Staying at home didn’t mean actor Michael James Nuells had to stay out of the limelight.

While isolating himself in his Las Vegas home during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the professional actor and Victoria College alumnus was featured in a May 25 story in the New York Times about leisure wear options while working from home. The same day, Nuells was featured in a Washington Post article expressing his concerns about the safety of returning to gyms during the pandemic.

“I would say ‘insane’ and ‘unbelievable’ were the best ways to describe my feelings about being blessed with features in both of those major newspapers on the same day,” Nuells said from his second home in Las Vegas. “I know God was working to grace me in this fashion. I am forever grateful for the two reporters who reached out for my stories and made them instant international headlines.”

Nuells, 32, attended Victoria College (2006-08) before transferring to Northwood University in Cedar Hill, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in entertainment, sports and promotions management. The Victoria native who has played supporting roles in the 2020 Amazon Prime movie “Scare Me” and “Gloria Bell,” a 2018 film starring Julianne Moore, said VC helped him find what he wanted to do with his life.

“I was a young man trying to find out where I was going,” Nuells said. “I knew what I wanted; it was just a matter of getting there. VC really helped navigate me where I needed to go. It was the right step for me to start my journey after high school.”

Nuells performed in some off-Broadway productions before taking his career to television and the silver screen in front of and behind the camera. He secured an acting role in Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club” series in 2012. Among his other TV credits are roles in VH1’s “Hip Hop Squares” and the Game Show Network’s “The New Catch 21.”

The coronavirus halted production of virtually the entire entertainment industry. Nuells left his home in Los Angeles to isolate himself in Las Vegas.

“Being a part of the entertainment industry, everything was shut down for all of us. So I was able to relax and chill and do my own thing,” said Nuells, who was photographed wearing a robe and lounge wear in the New York Times article. “Fashion has always been something I have enjoyed. While I had the time, I wanted to see how I could spruce up my attire during the pandemic and be more comfortable working at home.”

Nuells, who was a casting assistant on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” and “The Voice,” said he has been offered a role in a new TV pilot.

“I can’t give the name of the entertainment organization, but it is one we all know,” Nuells said. “Filming will begin soon. Everything is under wraps until a press release comes out very shortly. It’s a huge opportunity for me. It’s going to take my career to the next level without question.”

As his acting career appears headed to new heights, Nuells insists he will never forget the role in which Victoria College played in his life.

“I give credit all the time to Victoria College,” Nuells said. “My time there was great. VC had and still has really great professors and curriculum. I was able to take full advantage of that while I was there. I left VC feeling very confident moving on to the next level of my education. I felt I had grown not only in my education, but also as a young man. VC molded me in more ways than I can give credit for.”